Registered Nurses in practice encounter situations, questions and concerns related to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).  In this regard, the implementation of CAM is identified as most difficult part of the nursing practice. However, CAM can be carried out together with conventional medical therapy whereas alternative therapy can be implemented rather than conventional medical treatment. Client can initiate CAM because clients are even more aware of information and increasingly managing their health issues. More precisely, nurses need to be aware of how to provide guidance to such clients; it may include the provision of accurate information to clients on the CAM therapy (Alexander et al, 2009). Moreover, nurses have to be careful about becoming judgmental in supporting the exploration of therapies by clients. Assignment writing service


The practice of CAM is not applicable unless there are health professionals with appropriate knowledge and training along with the supporting standards within the organization. However, implementing CAM within organization can be subjected to development of guidelines, protocols in the management of side effects and pain, it is important that parents are aware of the treatments options which is the most beneficial for the client (Marquis 2008). In addition, there could be some financial or expenses concerns in regard to implementing CAM because according to a conservative estimate of out-of-pocket expenses of $34.4 bn for CAM and it was equal to expenditure made for all physicians services (Cowen, 2006. pp. 456). In order to make the implementation of CAM efficient, it is important for a nurse to adopt technology and collaborative communication based essentials such as controlling and managing symptoms and pain. One of the best strategies for nurses is to communicate the alternative treatment with the clients through sharing the knowledge and experience.



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