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MLA Assignment Format

MLA assignment format style provides a set of rules to the academic writing reports and research for students, which now becomes a common format for schools assignment. It is guidelines for English writers, which provide them a proper formatting manuscript and system for presenting their references. Writers can avoid plagiarism accusation and use of the other writer material source accidentally by using this style.

General Guideline To Format Your MLA Assignment

  • Leave one inch of page margin on all side of the page
  • Font style should be Times New Roman and size should be 11 or 12 left aligned
  • Header should be half inch on the top of page containing your last name and page number and right aligned
  • After every paragraph, add double spaces and never use“justified” turn off automatic hyphenation


Title Page

The title page is not counted in MLA officially however instructors most likely ask for the title page and it is not counted in the page count.

  • The title page should be centered aligned and set 1.1/2 page margin on all four sides
  • Type your College or University Name on the top of the page then skip one-third part of the page and write your topic
  • Near to the bottom, type your name, instructor’s name, course name and due date of submission

First Page of MLA Assignment

  • If you are not asked to make a title page, type your name, instructor name, course name and date on the left hand top corner and be sure to utilize double spaced text
  • Use the double spacing and center alignment for title, do not use capitalization, italicize, underline or any font formation for the title then start text after double spacing
  • On the top right corner of the page, type your last name and add page numbers


Formatting Citation

Citation is designed for readers to identify the source of paraphrased or quote. MLA style provides a whole guideline for referring an in-text citation. These are some of the citation formatting guide:

  • Title words and author must match with the cited list accordingly
  • The information from the other resources must identify with the page number if page number is not available then do not include the parenthetical reference
  • Do not write parentheses between punctuation and add author last name with the page number
  • If the author name is mentioned in the text then there is no need to mention it in citation

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