Personal Coaching Philosophy Paper


“Success means to get team members to play together as a team and make them utilize all their efforts to win by encouraging and motivating each other”. This statement reflects my personal coaching philosophy, which is based on my observations and life experiences. I believe that coaching is something that convinces others for contributing in the success by playing their role and putting all efforts. In this venture, I do not ignore the importance of team, management, communication, motivation, discipline and training.  Custom assignment writing services

I have learned from the experience of my life that motivation and encouragement can be significant in achieving and gaining something. In this view, I believe that individuals are well motivated when they considerably enjoy the whole process of learning. Hence, for me, fun and enjoyment are such essences that show enthusiasm and personal attention towards specific mutual goal. Moreover, the element of fun and enjoyment can trigger positive energy in the players towards the accomplishment of goals. Thus, my philosophy of coaching is about the achievement of goals by focusing on the strength and weaknesses of team members, effective management through creating mutual beliefs. 


Related to team and management, I believe in self–discipline as well as effective communication. Apart from the importance of motivation, discipline plays significant role when working in team because individual self-discipline for team members enables them to put their efforts in the accomplishment of mutual goal. In this regard, the importance of understanding the goal cannot be ignored. It is because if team is not aware of the mutual goal or if they do not realize the purpose of their existence, they cannot be motivated. Therefore, to motivate the team, it is rather important to make them understand the goals and to become self-discipline to achieve that goal. Professional  essay writing service

To further motivate my team, I believe that appreciative style of management is most appropriate. It is because team cannot be motivated even they understand the goal, if they are not appreciated. Therefore, I believe that team member should be appreciated and depreciated according to their performance. From my experience, I have learned that appreciation encourages the team member to perform ever better while depreciation provides them guidance to perform better. 


 In addition, in the respect of coaching, I have found communication as the most important tool that assures the success for the team. I have learned that without effective communication, team cannot achieve their goals. Therefore, for effective communication, I always make team comfortable regarding sharing their problems and sharing new ideas. The advantage of such friendly environment is that they never hesitate in sharing their problem, which later helps in overcoming the future trouble in the success of the goal, moreover, such environment can bring about different new beneficial ideas. Best marketing case study writer

 For the training of team, I believe in specificity as well as less stressfulness, because specificity will help team in focusing while less stressful training will increase the effectiveness of the coaching process. Therefore, from my experience, I have learned that training should be specific and focus while giving less stress. 


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