Portray The Values Through Branding Chapter 1


The chapter tends to set out he introductory context of the current research in order to elaborate why, what, when and where aspects of the subject of interest in front of the potential research audience. The chapter presents the rational behind undertaking the investigation on“value through branding” for a specific automobile retailer. It will also guide about the significance of chosen research area by justifying the existence of topic in the prominent theories and literature. In this chapter, clear and concise aim and research questions, research motivation, research scope and overview of the dissertation chapters is also incorporated.

Relevant Literature

Branding and consumer behaviour studies have become the two dominating theoretical aspects of the business management field. Range of academic and professional researches can be easily found constructing new theories and models, explaining the existing ones and applying theory on the practical situations within different industries (Tănase, 2011; Franzen& Moriarty, 2015). The dominance and significance of the subject in existing literature has led the current investigation. Specifically, contemporary literature has highlighted towards the importance of branding and its relationship with the consumer behaviour up to greater extent for the global retailers (Zavattaro, 2014). The existing studies have confirmed the advantages of branding for retailers in construction of a strong brand image not only in front of the customers but also among employees and the employees and other business stakeholders (Franzen& Moriarty, 2015; Chernatony& McDonald, 2012). There are significant evidences in the past studies about the impact of branding on the consumer behaviour and value acquisition as branding simplifies the purchasing process for the consumer through involvement of the retailers’ reputation and reduces the perceived purchase risk. Similarly, the literature evidence related with the significance of the value creation through branding can be observed within the automobile retailing industry. Past researchers are examined the importance of brand standards and retailers behaviours for the global car dealers and franchisee(Morisse, 2013). Thus, the relevant theoretical literature justifies the choice of research topic and regards the findings of the current research as a value addition to the available stream of literature. Buy inexpensive law assignment in the shortest deadline now.

Background Context

The current study is focused on one of the leading British automobile brand, Vauxhall. Vauxhall is popular across the Europe for its unique relationship with the 12th century (Cook, 2005). Mr. Alexander Wilson created Vauxhall and its unique association with the stark history. The popularity of the organization is associated initially with its ironworks and massive achievements in London. Besides, the other prominence achievements of the company include utilization of“Thames River Tugs” within its design, and single cylinder petrol engine-propeller. It would not be wrong in stating that the unique and distinct designs of the Vauxhall make the company outstanding among the automobile manufacturers of its time. The development of Vauxhall’s first motor vehicle of five horsepower engine, second model of six horsepower engine exemplify company’s efforts (Butler& Crundwell 2009).The overview of company’s history further reveals how Vauxhall has dealt with the numerous business complications faced in context of the complication in Southern London property and relocation to Luton and acquisition of Vauxhall by its competitor General Motor after WWI. After this acquisition, the company played a major role in transformation and reformation such as inclusion of American Chevrolet’s elements to its buses and trucks. Moreover, the General Motors developed top class-quality vehicles Cavalier and Nova as major accomplishments in this period (Conlin 2008). It can be depicted that major ups and down turns have been part of the history of Vauxhall due to complications and competitions. However, company’s management identified the strong need for clear brand image and its importance in gaining and retaining customers’ loyalty. We provide immediate online accounting assignment help by experienced experts

Research Opportunity

Vauxhall offers a great opportunity to all those who want to learn lessons about how a down falling automobile maker regained its market position. Undoubtedly, Vauxhall has made great efforts in converting their disadvantages of the downfall into the advantages of standardization (Cook, 2005). The company’s current position as a subsidiary of General Motors (Parent Company) elaborates how effectively the company determined its values of the representation across the retailers. Branding strategy of Vauxhall provides a unique example to view how business distinguished its products from the popular names in the line of automobile products. Currently, due to strong brand position, Vauxhall retailers are able to charge higher price for its Vauxhall brands and are labelled as Opel in Europe (Parissien, 2013). Therefore, in this research, this opportunity is recognized to assist other automobile companies in Britain to gain lessons from Vauxhall and ultimately maintain their competitiveness in the national and global market.

Research Aim and Questions

Based on the brief survey of existing literature and background information, the central guiding research aim is developed. The aim of the study is to evaluate the adoption of branding channels by Vauxhall for the retention and customer satisfaction in the automobile industry. Furthermore, the set of following research questions will help in the successful accomplishment of aforementioned aim. It is expected that the answers of the research questions will help in combining the distinct pieces of practice and reality into a large plate of opportunity. The questions are developed to drive the flow of information in the research. Buy computer science assignment is not easy task for students, as there is wide range of complex requirements to meet.

  • What were the branding channels of Vauxhall in order to attract the customers?
  • How were the customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention obtained by Vauxhall through its branding?
  • What were the consequences of branding affect on the consumer behaviour?

Research Motivation

The reason behind the interest in the topic chosen is the challenges automobile companies are facing in 21st century due to ever-changing consumer demands and technologies. In Europe, specifically in the big cities like London, consumer perceptions and attitudes towards the automobile purchase have been changing. At present consumers are demanding for brands rather than mere cars. They are energetic to pay high prices for the brands that offer them unique experience. This motivates me to go for investigation on how an automobile maker pursues branding to create value for its products as well as simultaneously retaining target market. Furthermore, presence of top motor vehicles brands in London in the town of Luton further encouraged this study due to the convenience and feasibility of resource accessibility for the research completion. London is also famous for presence of brand retailers in different industries such as automobile, food, supermarkets, textile and manufacturers and service brands. Therefore, branding strategy of Vauxhall is expected to drive me towards the branding tactics, which appears to be successful in this largest city of the United Kingdom (UK).

Research Scope

From the concise overview of the introduction chapter, it is quite explicit that the scope of current research is focused to theory of branding and branding strategies. Branding makes the selected topic more interesting because of its association with the daily life, almost in all spheres. The scope of current research is limited to the investigation of the branding channels, branding strategies, customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention (representing consumers’ behaviour) and impact of branding on the consumer’s behaviour at Vauxhall. It can be examined that study does not cover the consumer behavior process (information search, comparison of alternatives, bargaining, purchase, post-purchase behaviors) to represent consumer behavior. Furthermore, it can be examined that the current research scope only looks into the case of one specific leading automobile retailer Vauxhall and therefore quite caution would be needed in generalizing the results and findings due to the differences in the nature of business and challenges faced by different automobile retailers. We are provider of ultimate mechanical engineering assignment help with a best paper writing of good quality.

Overview of Dissertation Chapters

Besides this introduction, the remaining dissertation can be categorized into different chapters having their distinct aims. The second chapter, Literature Review contains the theoretical framework of the research containing the theories of branding and consumer behavior, branding strategy, brand awareness and brand name. In addition, it also covers the range of literature showing empirical evidences about the importance of branding for an automobile retailer. In the end of chapter, conceptual framework is added to show the flow of ideas in the primary investigation. The third chapter, Research Methodology and methods include details of research purpose and specific techniques used for the data collection and data analysis. In the fourth chapter, data presentation and analysis are included that shows evaluation of research findings. In the last chapter of the research, Conclusion presents summary of key findings and recommendations for the further research.


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