Questions on Death and Dying


The book ‘Questions on Death and Dying’, by Kübler-Ross presents the questions mostly asked by the people about death. However, book is the review of her previous work; the book consists of the discussion addressing the questions that are mostly asked in terms of acceptance of end of life, different acts of death including suicide and death caused by other illness. Moreover, the book contains useful information about people’s feelings and thoughts when they are told or cared for dying. In regard of questions about death, the writer has emphasized on different other issues, related to death such as suicide, terminal illness, family problems, funerals and medical issue that lead to acceptance or denial to death (Branson). Thus, the major concern of the writer is the belief in life after death that changes people’s belief and perception about death and life. The book has also identified different issues in the dying process, which can be conveyed using non-verbal symbolic language, prolongation of life and sudden death while faith, hope and coping has also been the concern of the writer. Thus, book is the resourceful source providing help in how to cope grieve including physical and emotional pain when loved one is dead or going to die. With reference to coping that is found in every stage of life, it is found that the dynamics of dying encompasses a process, and seeing people going through this process is painful, therefore it requires to accept the truth that no one ever wants to pass through such process and this acceptance may and would make better life. Get professional assignment help from experts now.


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