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Turabian Assignment Format

Turabian assignment formatting style is sort of a sub style of Chicago Style and used by most of the history professor and student for their history assignment, which requires a systematic citing format. This style is developed by Kate Turabian especially for history students.

Turabian Assignment Format

  • The font of the paper for entire body should be Times New Roman and only 12 size is accepted for assignment, however for the footnote set font size to 10 points
  • For the title or book and subheading italic is usable but not the boldface


Endnotes/ Footnotes& Paginations

All research paper under Turabian style requires footnotes or end notes:

  • Footnotes or endnotes should be mentioned in the text
  • Footnotes should direct the reader to the work cited
  • Reference number of the footnote should be after the punctuation of the sentence
  • Two or more initial of the name should be written as normal word or name (T. H. Collins, not T.H. Collins)
  • Use roman number for content page, do not give any number to the title page, and use numeral for page number from text pages and continue it till all the bibliography page ends
  • On the content page and the first page of the body text, use centered alignment 0.9 inches above from the bottom and for the body pages, use the right corner of the header for page numbering

Spacing& Indentions

  • The space of body text and outline should be set to double and do not add extra space between text and heading
  • Quotation, footnote, and bibliography page should be single-spaced
  • Entire block quote, 1st line paragraph, and footnote indent should be set to½


Margins& Heading

  • Title page and bibliography page margin should be 2” from the top and left, rest of the content pages margin should be set to 1”
  • For assignment, left margin should be set to 1½ inch for binding purpose
  • Capitalize the major headings for chapter number and use Arabic numerals left 2” space from the top and centered align


  • Use capital letters for major heading and headline style for subheading
  • 2 inches margin from the top and 1 inch from the sides and bottom
  • Use triple space between the major heading and first subheading, double space between sub heading and bibliography entries whereas single spacing for entries
  • Use center alignment for major heading, subheading, and left for the entries after the first line of each entry start text after 5 spaces

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