Why AT&T Customer Service is not Ranked Number One - Part 1


Today, organizations are more recognizing the significance of quality customer service that aims to provide the customer facilitation in relation to product and service of the organization (Tucker, 2002). Organizations, in this respect, seek to comfort the customers regarding their concerns including complaints and queries. Thereby, effective and responsive customer service can play significant role in enhancing the reputation of an organization by improving the relationship between customers and organization (Chen& Popovich, 2003). Considering the importance of effective customer service for organization, AT&T has been found focusing on improving its customer service in terms of issue resolution, reachability, cancellation, friendliness and product knowledge. Despite that, AT&T has been found struggling with sustaining its effective customer service, which emphasizes on investigating the nature of customer service in the company along with its strengths and weaknesses in relation to facilitate the customers. Researching the strengths and weaknesses of the customer service within AT&T will help in understanding the underpinning condition of customer service in the organization for identifying the reasons why AT&T customer service is not ranked number one. Moreover, this analysis can be used to evaluate the steps required by AT&T to improve its customer service ranking. Buy case study marketing assignment for your ease and help.


Significance of Study

The low ranking of customer service of AT&T signifies critical situation in the structure and operational process of customer service of the company. In past years, responsive and effective customer service of the organization has helped it to have sustainable growth in its financial statement by ensuring increased customer retention (Marc& Stacy, 2003). In addition to this, the low rank of customer service of the company may significantly affect the overall growth of the company. By analyzing and evaluating the causes of low ranking of customer service of AT&T, the factual problematic areas in the customer service of the company can be identified for the company to take the important measures in order to overcome the critical situation. The steps that are to be recommended after thorough analysis of causes of the problem to improve the ranking of customer service can positively affect the quality and effectiveness of customer service level in the organization. Thus, this study is mainly beneficial for the growth and development of AT&T while the findings of the study can be implemented by other organization as well that are striving for the development of effective customer service. Moreover, no study has been conducted so far that measures the reasons of low ranking of AT&T, thus this study will be unique its way to investigate the research problem. Our law assignment writing focuses on the quality and reliability of work.



Non-Technical Summary

This study was conducted with the aim to identify the reasons why the customers of AT&T Warless have ranked its customer service as low performed customer service in terms of satisfying their concerns and resolving needs complaints or queries. In this way, this research studied the significance of customer service that aims to facilitate the customers regarding organization’s product or service and evaluated the reasons of low ranking of customer service of the company. Certain areas have been identified within the customer service of the company including lack of easy accessibility, lack of issue resolution and call cancelation as reasons of poor quality customer service provided by the company. Need a good accounting assignment writing help? You have arrived at the right online place.

Discussion of Results

The results draw attention towards the low response, low reachability, high friendliness, low product related understanding and high call attendance ratio in the selected case study of AT& T. It has also be analyzed that not all of the participants responded against the customers service of the company and were found satisfied and the same reflected the personal experiences of them. The answers to each question were found significant in highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in customer service of the company. We are provider of decisive  mechanical engineering assignment help with a best paper writing of good quality. 


The implication of this research can be observed through its impacts on AT& T’s customer service management in understanding the loopholes and their weaknesses with respect to the lower ranking. These results can be used to enhance good product development through sufficient training and development of customer relationship management where customer can have easy accessibility and get prompt responses to the feedback or complaints. We have the most appropriate MBA assignment writer for you to help you out



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