Why AT&T Customer Service is not Ranked Number One - Part 2

Research Methodology

This section of the study aims to identify and discuss methodology chosen for conducting the research on the reasons of low ranking of customer service in AT&T. In this way, this section of paper determines the most suitable research design, sampling design, measurement of key concepts in the study, method of data collection, and data analysis. Need assistance in apa format writing? Order us now!

Research Design

Determination of specific research design for any study helps in addressing the questions raised in the study by answering what question to study, kind of data to collect and ways to analyze data (Creswell, 2009). Thus, research design provides the systematic framework to researcher for conducting the research and can mainly be of two types including quantitative and qualitative research design (Hakim, 2000). Get computer science assignment help from reliable service in UK.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research mainly focuses on taking in-depth understanding of behavior and reasons that lead to such behavior (Vaus, Research design in social research, 2001). This type of design inquires why and how a decision is made rather than only focusing on what, where and when the decision was made. In this respect, qualitative research design is more suitable for social sciences and marketing related subjects (Maxwell, 2005).

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research design is the one in which systematic empirical investigation is made of chosen phenomena by means of statistical and computational methods. The main goal of quantitative research is to create and utilize the mathematical models and theories to prove the hypotheses concerning the phenomena (Black, 1999). Stuck with your sociology assignment writing? We are a professional service that offers custom papers for students.

The most suitable research design concerning this study is qualitative research because this research study requires gaining in-depth understanding of the problem related to low ranking of customer service of AT&T while focusing on the investigation regarding reasons why customer service of AT&T is not ranked one. In addition to this, quantitative research design is not suitable for this study because this study is not to conduct for proving hypothesis, as there is not any hypothesis in this study.

Research Approach

Considering the qualitative research design, there are three types of research design in the qualitative research namely exploratory, descriptive and causal research design (Hennink, Hutter,& Bailey, 2010). In order to select the most appropriate of these research designs, it is important to review the nature and strengths of them in the context of this study.  

Exploratory Research

Exploratory research is a type of research, which aims to carry out for an unidentified problem (Stebbins, 2001). This is type of research mainly depends on secondary research to reach to the conclusion and concludes with the help of such perceived problem, which does not exist (Richey& Klein, 2007). This type of research design is appropriate when there is new concept to be laid for the study, as this research design helps in collecting and analyzing through most suitable methods. Get biology assignment help to score A+ grades in your class.

Descriptive Research

Descriptive research is a type of research, which mainly focuses on statistical research and encompasses the data collection to answer the research question as to what, when, where, how and why the problem occurred (Mitchell& Jolley, 2009). In this way, this research design is more precise, logical and factual. This type of research design is appropriate for study, which aims to investigate the systematic reasons of occurrence of problem (Monsen& Horn, 2007).

Causal Research

Causal research approach is the one, which studies the causative relationship of one variable with another variable. In this way, characteristics of variables are required investigating to determine their relationship. This type of research design is appropriate when there are two variables to be researched in the study (Shadish, Cook,& Campbell, 2002).

After evaluating the nature and strengths of each research approach, it has been found that descriptive research design is more appropriate for this study because this study mainly concentrates on researching and investigating the reasons why customer service of AT&T was not ranked one while proposing the most adequate steps for improving the customer service in the company. Through adopting descriptive research design, this study about reasons of low ranking of customer service of AT&T will identify the answers of questions, as to why customer service of AT&T was not ranked one and how the company can improve its rank by adopting suitable measures. Buy our professional quality chemistry assignment writing service.

Sampling Design

Sampling is defined as small proportion of a population selected to be studied for a research. The process of sampling design involves selection and size of sample for the study (Lohr, 2009). However, the population of this study is the group of customers who has potentially experienced the service of the company and can provide response as why they consider that AT&T customer service was not ranked one. Thus, the target population of the study will be those customers who have recently experienced the customer service of the company and likely to give negative response regarding quality and responsiveness of customer service of the company. This target group will further be investigated to identify the reasons of giving low ranking and will be utilized for recommending appropriate measures to improve the ranking.

Sampling Technique

Furthermore, in order to select the sample for this study, there could be two possible methods named as random sampling and non-sampling.

Random Sampling

Random sampling is the one in which every member of the population has equal chance to be chosen for the study (Dattalo, 2009).

Non-Random Sampling  

Non-random sampling is the one in which not all the members of population has equal chance to be part of the study (Babbie, 2010).

In order to carry out this research study, the most suitable method of sampling is random sampling, in which every member of population will have equal chance to become part of the study.

Size of Sample

According to (Kalton, 1993), size of sample determines the accuracy of result to reach to conclusion. Large size sample is regarded as appropriate for reaching to concrete conclusion of the research (Vaus, Surveys in social research, 2002). In order to identify the reasons why AT&T customer service was not ranked one, 30 customers of AT&T will be selected randomly. The most active economics assignment experts are just a few clicks away

Measurement of Key concepts and variables in the Study

The key concepts and variables of this study are based on the features and characteristics on which customer service within any organization is measured. In this regard, the key variables are reachability, issue resolution, friendliness, and cancellation of calls and product knowledge, which will be used to evaluate if these elements are missing in the customer service of the company and if they are reasons to be ranked not as one.

Data Collection Method

Data collection method can be defined as process of collecting data to be analyzed for the study (Harrell& Bradley, 2009). For this study, two types of data will be used namely primary data and secondary data.

Primary Data

Primary data is the one, which is to be collected for processing while different means used for collecting primary data may include interview, questionnaire and survey (Phillips& Stawarski, 2008). For this study, primary data will be collected using closed ended survey questionnaire that will contain 12 questions related to customer service experience and probable reasons of low quality customer service of the company.

Secondary Data

Secondary data is the one, which is used in contrast of primary data and mainly depends on previous studies conducted related to research (Harrell& Bradley, 2009). In order to collected secondary data for this study, books, journal articles, websites, and other relevant document will be used. We have best english assignment experts who are committed to provide best help.

Data Analysis Method

Data analysis is defined as process of refining and transforming the collected data into concrete information to reach to conclusion. In this regard, there are two approaches used namely qualitative data analysis and quantitative data analysis (Ott& Longnecker, 2008).

Qualitative Data Analysis

Qualitative data analysis mainly emphasizes on using analyzing data into two including content analysis and descriptive analysis. The content analysis makes the use of qualitative characteristics of data to analyze them, while descriptive analysis uses the central tendency of variables or frequency to measure their quantity (Ott& Longnecker, 2008).

Quantitative Data Analysis

Quantitative data analysis is the one in which data is analyzed for proving the hypothesis using specified mathematical modeling. The methods used in quantitative data include statistical analysis and inferential analysis (Ott& Longnecker, 2008).

In order to conduct this study, the most appropriate data analysis is qualitative data analysis using descriptive analysis, in which responses of customers may be measured using frequency of responses. Get assignment help from top assignment writing service in UK with 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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