Why AT&T Customer Service is not Ranked Number One - Part 3

Literature Review

Customer service of AT&T has been observed as critical success factor within organizations and now, it is taken into account as key element of successful business design, in which organization mainly focuses on meeting the needs and expectations of customers by ensuring the development of system (Martin, 2000). It has been found that more than 90% customers’ re-buying decision largely depends on quality of service received by customers. Moreover, the significance of customer service has been leading to great number of research in different areas while researches have concentrated on different type of customer services such as dynamics of organizational customer service, marketing customer service, and design and delivery system in the organization (Zeithaml, 2009). In this way, poor quality customer service has been associated with number of factor; however, the solution for enhancing the quality of customer service regards the selection of appropriate personnel. In addition to this, studies have focused on the development of customer service system as another way to improve the customer service within organization. The purpose of developing such system is to ensure the customer satisfaction for product and service (Friday& Cotts, 1995). Although, facilitating customer for satisfaction is considered as marketing concept, yet every organization seeks high level of customer satisfaction regardless of product and services offered. According to Chen& Popovich (2003), every organization needs to evaluate the level of quality of product, service provided, and for this purpose, it requires to be engaged in activities that involve the customers in process improvement. Additionally, Alge et al.,(2002) studies that the quality customer service is important for all sectors while organizations are found improving their customer service quality to maintain sustainable competitive advantage in their respective industry. In order to emphasize the importance of customer service within any organization, Martin (2000) has defined the customer service that is considerable set of individuals committed to provide the service being courteous, and helpful in managing the customers’ issues. According to Evenson (2010), customer service aims to comfort the customers through facilitating them; therefore, without having trained employees, organizations cannot achieve the high quality customer service. Since organizations are realizing the significance of quality customer service, more they are facing difficulty in measuring the level of customer service. Different studies have focused on setting the standards for measuring the customer service based on the needs and satisfaction of customers (Friday& Cotts, 1995). We developed this platform in order to provide professional help online by qualified writers to students in the UK and worldwide.

Tools for Measuring Excellence in Customer Service

Numbers of previous and current studies have stated different important areas and tools that are being practiced by the management of the business organizations especially service oriented. It can be identified that these excellence-measuring tools have significant impacts on the performance of the business, low cost, profitability and satisfaction of customers. Therefore, in order to make assurance of the customer service excellence, understanding of the important components of service excellence is discussed below in the lights of different prior researches.

Issue Resolution

In the study of Zemke (1999), the communication among the customers and staff is given significant importance in order to measure the excellence of customer service within the organization. He stated that effective communication ultimately helps in the resolution of issues along with the improvement in the current services. These findings of this study were supported by another study conducted by Boshoff et al. (2005), developed a measurement tool presenting six important dimensions for the customer service. In addition to communication, empowerment, feedback, and tangibles are also highlighted as important tools. Buy assignment online from an honorable service and be done with it.

Mercer (2003) also made suggestion to make ongoing communications with the customers in order to tackle with their issues and complains. However, the study also presented the follow up actions in order to resolve these highlighted issues. These significant findings were additionally confirmed from the study of Leland& Bailey(2006), depicting communication as a tool that can reveal the relationship between an organization and its customers with respect to services delivered to them.

Easy Reachability

Another tool that can be used to examine the excellence and quality of the customer service within an organization includes the ease practiced by the customers in order to use the services of the company. Research presented by Wellington (2010) substantiates that in approximately all of the delivery of speed can be used to gain sustainable advantage over others as the expectation of the customers from the business organization is required to be sensibly quick response in the process of whether making enquiries or complaints. In this study, another tools like friendly environment and responsive issue resolution process is also given significant importance after the easy reachability. Similarly, the significance of this tool can be measured from the research of Internet Retailer (2002) that corroborated the use of direct and on-line responding facility as an effectual tool that can be used by the companies in order to make measurement of its position with respect to customer excellence. Buy assignment support from the most reliable writing services.


Likewise, according to Leland& Bailey( 2006) friendliness is the fundamental measuring tool of customers’ service efficiency as it is connected with the politeness and courtesy customer observed through the process of dealing. The companies having friendly ratio, are deemed as top positioned one in delivering ultimate satisfaction. Moreover, the study was also significant as other elements like quality assurance; recognition, control, and promptness were also identified equally important as others. The significance of friendliness can also be extracted from the research conducted by Vashisht (2005), in determining the use of service standards that can afterwards be used to develop position as a leading service provider. Friendliness was regarded as one of those measurable standards by the researcher. However, emphasis was also placed on the response and quality of product or service being delivered to them.

Good Product Knowledge

Literatures have also specified the importance of the good and up to date product knowledge in the accomplishment of the excellence in customers’ service. The concept of product knowledge has been further enhanced by the research of Maritz (2003), who stated that the knowledge is a measurement tool that can encompasses information with respect to the customers, product and technologies too. The same has been determined in the previous and existing studies like that of Reuvid (Doing business in the countryside: the complete guide to rural commerce, 2005) and Bragg(1998) that in order to understand and to gain a competitive edge, the company has to be efficient in possessing up to date knowledge. Additionally, the updating of knowledge has been found always in connection to the communication and interaction within the prevailing business environment. We provide best chicago assignment writing to all the students.

Call Cancellation

Additionally, within the telecommunication service organization, the efficiency of the call response and its cancellation is also given importance to measure the satisfaction of the customers with respect to such service delivery. The study of Day (2000), was of considerable importance in determining that the frequency of call cancellation is a tool that can also place significant impacts on the other customer service area too i.e. communication and quick responses.

All the above studies were quite relevant in determining the efficacy of customer service measurement tools, as most of them concentrated in more than one area for the discussion making large room to investigate the improvement measures further.

Measures for Achieving Excellence in Customer Service

Ensuring satisfaction of customer for customer service is important to sustain the customers’ satisfaction and customers’ loyalty, and this can only be achieved through pertaining excellence in the customer service structure. According to Zeithaml (2009), different organizations have different approach to achieve the excellence in customer service such as employees training and managing customer relationship. On the other hand, Zemke (1999) has found knowledge management as substantial part of incorporating excellence in the customer service. Studies have also identified the importance of continuous evaluation and assessment of customer service through distinct tools such as survey and collecting customers’ opinion. According to Evenson (2011), customer satisfaction is the only tool of gaining excellence in customer service while Zeithaml (2009) has determined that excellent customer service is the result of strategic decision of any organization. In order to determine the factors and measures for achieving the excellence in customer service, there is need to review the literature in terms of identifying the ways different dynamics in the organization can serve in ensuring the excellent customer service. Get assistance on turabian assignment format writing from expert writers.

Customer Relationship Management

According to Gianforte and Gibson (2005), enhanced and efficient customer relationship management system in organization required focusing on identifying and needs of customers. In this way, organizations are able to collect the information that helps them in integrating the customer information to knowledge management. The integration of customer information to the knowledge management system of the organization helps it manage and handle customers according to their needs. This can benefit through giving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, the existence of customer life cycle can provide the customers with the advantage to make the use of present means of communication, as it can make them feel to be fulfilled in terms of their needs and requirements (Tucker, 2002).

Knowledge Management

According to Sevenich (2011), an efficient knowledge management in organization can ensure acquiring, distinguishing, and identifying the knowledge related to customers and corporate needs. The existence of such knowledge management is critical in the creation of competitive advantage for organizations. In this regard, Alge et al. (2002) have signified the importance of knowledge management in improving the customer service level. Chen and Popovich (2003) have argued that knowledge management is significant element that helps the organization to serve the customers. On the other hand, Gianforte and Gibson (2005) argued that the needs of customers lie in the provision of quality and attentive service without any delay and it is possible when the employees managing and dealing with customers are able to give quick response through well-structured knowledge management system. Get history assignment help by most professional writers in UK at cheap price

Employees’ Customer Service Orientation

According to Evenson (2011), incorporating excellence in the customer service is mainly related to the employees’ orientation to handle the customers. The challenge faced by organization, in this respect, is the identification of such individuals who have customer service orientation, as there is conflict amongst authors and researchers about the factors to determine the individuals with the customer service orientation. Alge et al. (2002) have investigated the importance of interpersonal skills in employees as to create excellent customer service. On the other hand, Evenson (2010) argued that knowledgeable employees could make distinct difference in improving the customer service because customers seek the knowledge to get their issue resolved.

Customer Survey

According to Alge et al (2002), organizations have to pay huge cost for the poor customer service in the form of low profitability, which indicates the significance of improved customer service for the growth of the organization. Johnson and Gustafsson (2000) determined that customers could have different needs and expectations from organization and assessing those needs and requirements are extremely essential to improve the customer service. In this regard, Zemke (1999) argued that determining the customers’ needs and expectations considerably helps the organization to realize the gaps in the provision of their customer service.



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