Why AT&T Customer Service is not Ranked Number One - Part 4

Analysis/Discussion of Research Problem

Customer service of AT&T Wireless has been ranked at number 145 out of the 526 companies and the recorded score indicates the disappointing performance of customer service of the company (CustomerServiceScoreboard, 2012) with its implication on the overall profitability of the company. Considering the critical situation concerning the customer service at the company, this can be comprehended as how important role customer service can play for improved market reputation and growth of the company. After studying the significant elements required for the excellent customer service, it is regarded that customers’ expectation and satisfaction help an organization to determine the shape and structure of the customer service system based on the easy accessibility and reachability, friendliness, issue resolution, product knowledge. As identified in the result gathered in this study (shown in the appendix), there is highly negative response from the customers related to issue resolution, easy accessibility and call cancellation, which is the indication of required improvement in the specified areas. Concerning the essentiality of these elements in ensuring the credibility of the customer service, low ranking of the AT&T customer service can be associated with the decreased credibility of the customer service in the organization. We offer law assignment writing service at affordable price with quality work


AT&T has been recognized as customer base company with gaining large portion of its finance from its customers using the services of the company. The ranking given to customer service of the AT&T has been observed from the customers using both face-to-face and telephonic customer service. However, low ranking recorded for the customer service of the company is the clear indication of negligence experienced by the customers in terms of getting their queries and complaints resolved or heard. In this way, it is important to discuss the custom relationship management within the organization, as customer service within the organization is closely related to the nature and structure of the management developed for deadline with the customers and for managing the relationship with customers. It is observed that today, customers prefer buying and re-buying the products or services of organization that is quick in responding to changing needs of customers. Whereas, the changing trend in customers’ choice and needs emphasizes on creating and developing responsive and efficient customer care service for customers. Upon the evaluation of the low ranking of the AT&T customer service, it can be regarded that there is lack of efficient customer relationship management in the company while established knowledge management is inefficient in recognizing and assessing the needs and expectations of customers.

In today’s world of changing technology, it has become easy and rather convenient for organizations to access their customers to know their opinion in relation to their needs and expectations from organization. In such fast pace of technology, low ranked customer service of AT&T indicates to restructuring of the customer service system within the organization. Consequently, it may further be linked with the decrease sale recorded in company’s finance. It is because in the competitive global economy, organizations have been striving hard to achieve excellence through responsive and efficient customer service. Moreover, AT&T to become service driver organization requires having attention on assessment and evaluation of the poor quality customer service in relation to needs and expectations of customers with organization. Our political assignment service ensures affordable help to students


Question no. 1, 2 and 3 were set to gather the personnel profile information of the individuals as it can be observed that out of 30 respondents, 3 of them belonged to the age range of 18-25, 15 to 26-35, and 12 to 36-45 years. The age has great impact on the individual beliefs and perceptions of the respondents.

From the answers gathered in response to question no. 2, it can be observed that the proportion was equal for both the genders i.e. 15 males and 15 females and illustrated the unbiased results of the study that would be further helpful in making improvements in the customer services of the AT& A.

Likewise, from question no. 3, it can be depicted that among respondents, students= 5, housewife= 12, businessman= 10, and employed= 3. The occupation factor also has significant impact on the findings as the attitudes and expectations of the customers related to the services are based on the occupation they are engaged in. We are here with bba assignment writing help on wide range of topics


For the question no. 4 answers, 0 of participants strongly agree, 18 agree, 12 neither agree nor disagree, 0 disagree and 0 strongly disagree to statement. All of the respondents have been using or used the services of AT& A, therefore, their answers would have been reflecting their personal experience with the company.

In response to question no. 5, 15 of them strongly agree, 12 agree, 3 neither agree nor disagree, 0 disagree and 0 strongly disagree. Problems related to accessibility and convenient reachability can be identified from the responses.

Out of 30 participants, 12 of them strongly agree, 9 agree, 1 neither agree nor disagree, 3 disagree and 5 strongly disagree for question no. 6. The above figure give significance to the issue resolution problem found within the company as majority of the customers believe that they remain persistent.

Moreover, question no. 7 specified, 9 responses for strongly agree, 6 for agree, 5 for neither agree nor disagree, 3 for disagree and 7 for strongly disagree. Similarly, it illustrates the grievance of the majority of respondents that when they make any complaint to the staff of the company, the company does not tackle these efficiently. However, many of them also give in support of the efficient complain procedure by disagreeing. Need help in mla format writing? We are here at your service.


In response to the question no. 8, it was depicted that out of 30 respondents, responses for strongly agree= 2, agree= 2, neither agree nor disagree= 11, disagree= 9 and strongly disagree= 6. The result showed the attitude of company towards the call attendance and call cancellation within in the process of treating customers.

Similarly, the responses for the question no. 9 represented that out of 30 respondents, responses for strongly agree= 2, agree= 1, neither agree nor disagree= 5, disagree= 7 and strongly disagree= 13. The result portrayed the friendliness and courteous nature of the customer service personnel at AT& T.

However, the answered gathered to understand the provision of sufficient information by the staff of the company to the customers in question no. 10, it can be observed that out of 30 respondents, responses for strongly agree= 28, agree= 9, neither agree nor disagree= 2, disagree= 5 and strongly disagree= 6. Majority votes to the failure of company to do so can be considered of great importance. Our harvard format writing is best among others

The responses for question no. 11 highlighted that out of 30 respondents, responses for strongly agree= 9, agree= 13, neither agree nor disagree= 5, disagree= 3 and strongly disagree= 0. The majority of the response to the suggestion for improvement of the services by hiring trained employees was observed.

In last question no. 12, out of 30 respondents, 3 of them strongly agree, 3 agree, 7 neither agree nor disagree, disagree= 9 and strongly disagree= 8. The major portion of the respondents did not voted in support of the answer, as they believe that the customer service staffs, as AT& T is very friendly.


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